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We have teamed up with various organizations. 

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Partnerships for Associations 

There are more than 8,000 trade and professional associations in the United States. Association members own and work in local businesses. They build relationships, develop new ideas and create jobs. Associations that serve these entrepreneurs can provide valuable benefits that contribute to their growth and success. Additionally, association operations rely partly or wholly on membership dues and professional fees paid by their members. Collecting those payments involves time-consuming processes like recurring billing reminders, collections and accounting. These organizations must also continually reach out for new members, requiring separate processes and additional employee effort. 

Green Payments Partnership Program 

Green Payments is committed to helping by offering credit card processing and other great benefits that meet the needs of associations and their members. Our mission is to provide special offers and programs along with easy-to-use learning tools designed to help you and your members make payment processing decisions.


We also provide association members with exclusive offers and programs created just for their businesses that are available exclusively through our partnership with their association.